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Bushwick Kitchen Three Knees Spicy Sampler Gift Box

About The Bushwick Kitchen Three Knees Spicy Sampler Gift Box

The ultimate gift set for the Spicy fan in your life. This Spicy Sampler Gift Box has their most-popular products (Spicy Honey, Spicy Maple and Gochujang Sriracha) and includes a Bushwick Kitchen tea towel, hot sauce inspired recipes, and arrives in ready-to-gift packaging.

Make the most ridiculously amazing chicken and waffles you’ve ever tasted. You can now make the greatest Bloody Mary in the history of the world. Your brunch just went next level. And you’ll never think of putting anything on your pizza ever again.

What’s in the Spicy Sampler Gift Box:

BEES KNEES SPICY HONEY – Combining the best wildflower honeys from the US with a habanero kick, our Spicy Honey will satisfy your sweet-meets-heat cravings.  USE IT ON: •biscuits •pizza •ice cream •cheese plate •fried chicken

TREES KNEES SPICY MAPLE – Combining sweet maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains with habanero, our Trees Knees Spicy Maple is great on anything from a pan of roasted vegetables to crispy fried bacon to slices of skillet cornbread. USE IT ON: •roasted veggies •cornbread •bacon •spicy maple sage daiquiri •pork belly

WEAK KNEES GOCHUJANG SRIRACHA – The sweet/heat you’ve come to expect from us. Classic sriracha meets the fermented complexity of gochujang chili paste. It’ll give you weak knees. USE IT ON: •scrambled eggs •sriracha salt •burritos •mac and cheese •breakfast sandwiches •bloody mary

This gift box will make a great gift for him.

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