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Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit

About the Roundfire Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit

Add the warm ambience of a real fire to your home or patio with the Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit. With a 2 hour burn time this a great way brighten up your evening.

The graphite colored concrete looks stunning in any environment. Additionally, the base helps dissipate heat produced by the firestone, protecting surfaces from heat produced by the fire.

Unlike many ethanol tabletop fires, this portable fire pit bowl can be used with multiple alcohol fuels. We recommend our own bioethanol fuel, but any type of bioethanol, isopropyl or rubbing alcohol / spirit and gel fuel can be used within the burn chamber for clean vent less fire.

The Roundfire fireplace provides over 1 hour burn time compared to only 30-40min with other similar sized tabletop fires. The ceramic wool insert increases burn time and efficiency.

This fire pit is fitted with a stainless steel burn cup to ensure no ethanol fuel leakages and a rapid cooling of the burn chamber. This gives it a shorter time between refueling and you can put the fire out safely and quickly by smothering the burn chamber with the included flat stainless steel extinguisher tool.

This small fire pit is an excellent centerpiece for indoors or outdoors. You can cook Smores or marshmallows and create a warm, cozy atmosphere anywhere.

The Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit is a great gift for men who have everything.

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