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FIREOCITY Custom Personalized Led Neon Signs

About FIREOCITY Custom Personalized Led Neon Signs

You can choose your favorite font and color. Additionally, FIREOCITY personalized neon signs are made of kid-safe LED flex neon tube, neon tube is long lifespan, and remain cold, silent, and eco-friendly. Create your own uniquely styled atmosphere with gorgeous custom-made modern LED neon light. Perfect decoration for your bedroom, living room or any recreation area. Fireocity has been producing neon signs for over 10 years. 

FIREOCITY started step by step from the most traditional glass tube neon signs, and now have developed into the fourth generation of silicone neon signs.  As technology is advancing, and we are also constantly developing. We have always witnessed the iterative development of neon lights, and we have always been at the forefront.

These take 1-3 working days to manufacture and 3-7 days for shipping(except for public holiday). ​No redundant steps and costs, FREE dimmer and remote control. Choose text rows at first and the size option is whole width, the Height is in proportion Maximum character quantity for each size: 7pcs in 20″ / 9pcs in 24″ / 11pcs in 30″ / 13pcs in 36″ / 15 pcs in 40″ / 18pcs in 48″

FIREOCITY Custom Personalized Led Neon Signs make a great gift for men who have everything.

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