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Leaf and Lawn Sweeper By Earthwise

About The Leaf and Lawn Sweeper By Earthwise

The Leaf and Lawn Sweeper By Earthwise has two brushes per section to help collect various dry yard debris. The large capacity bushel leaf collection bag helps collect yard waste without bending over. The bag can easily be attached or removed from the lawn sweeper, so users can empty collected debris after use. The Earthwise lawn sweeper can help sweep lawns, patios, sidewalks, and driveways effortlessly.

Say goodbye to back-breaking and tiring sweeping tasks

The Earthwise push sweeper makes yard cleaning tasks quick and easy. Users will no longer have to bend over to collect grass, debris, and leaves. With this tool, 80% of debris is picked up on the first pass. Users can save time on manual labor by forgetting about a rake and broom, and instead purchasing the Earthwise lawn sweeper.

Yard sweeper brush with 21″ width

The Earthwise yard sweeper brush has 21″ sweeping width that is perfect for small clean-up jobs in and around your home. With the use of the two brushes per section for collecting debris, the sweeper will quickly cover more areas in one pass than a rake or broom. The Earthwise yard sweeper will make cleaning grass clippings, leaves, and debris easy and efficient.

2.6 bushel leaf collection bag

The 2.6-bushel leaf collection bag has a large capacity that helps collect grass clippings, leaves, and debris efficiently. It can easily be attached and removed from the sweeper, so the debris can be ready for mulching, bagging, or composting.

Adjustable sweeping height

The Earthwise leaf and grass sweeper has an adjustable sweeping height for quick and efficient cleaning. It has a sweeping depth knob that can easily be adjusted by hand without the need for special tools. The height can be adjusted in order to be used on the lawn, patio, sidewalk, and driveway effectively.

The Leaf and Lawn Sweeper By Earthwise makes a great gift for him

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