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Smoky Craft Cocktail Smoker Kit for Drinks

About The Smoky Craft Cocktail Smoker Kit for Drinks

Raise the bar on your Mixology Skills with the Craft Cocktail Smoker Kit!  Straight out of gift box, this complete package Drink Smoker Infuser Kit is ready to produce amazing smoked food & drinks using cocktail smoke gun in a matter of minutes. Your living room will now turn into a 5 Star Restaurant and your next dinner party will be unforgettable.

Handmade Beauty – With premium quality design in mind, Cocktail Smoking Kit has ample space to hold 2 Cocktail Glasses or at least 10 oz steak with our food tray. Small pinch of woodchips will fill the cocktail smoking box with fog just like a charm. Thanks to the See-Through Glass Lid Design, watch the foggy magic as it happens.

Perfect Gift – Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Anniversaries. Your significant other deserves to enjoy a multisensory cooking experience with dramatic presentations. This handcrafted artisan smoke box for cocktails will also make a great home decororation unlike other brand’s whiskey smoker infuser kit which you need to hide into kitchen cupboards.

Delicious Smoky Flavor – Drink Smoker for Whiskey allows you to add a great richness and dimension to a wide variety of food & drinks including bourbon, cocktails, meat and cheese. Choose your favorite flavor of chips and dive into a world of endless possibilities.

Built to Last – Our Smoke Infuser for Cocktails and Woodcraft is solid and sturdy. Unlike the cheaply made Bourbon Smoker Kit for Drinks alternatives such as cocktail smoker top, cocktail chimney smoker, cocktail smoker kit with torch and cocktail top hat smoker, you don’t have to retire your old fashion smoker kit due to the scorched edges and burned chimney interiors.

The Smoky Craft Cocktail Smoker Kit for Drinks makes a great gift for him.

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