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Zippo FireFast Bellows Blower

About The Zippo FireFast Bellows Blower

Get the upper hand over your next fire. Fan the flames with the push of a button and stoke his fire with the Zippo FireFast Bellows Blower. This battery operated bellows delivers an optimal flow of oxygen and the flame retardant nozzle allows you to get the bellows right where you need it. An ergonomic shape and comfort-grip handle will give you the upper hand over your next fire.


  • Impeller style fan & vent
  • No-roll triangular shape; Non-slip grip
  • Flame retardant nozzle
  • Auto-off power button
  • Battery run time: up to 180/1 min. bursts


  • Provide optimum air flow for fire starting needs
  • Allows for up-close use & excellent grip in outdoor use
  • Preserves battery & automatically shuts off if dropped
  • Keeps bellows close by & prevents it from rolling away
  • Reusable, durable & lightweight

The FireFast Bellows Blower makes a great gift for him!

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